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  1. Spielerwertung auf T-34-85M. Premiumfahrzeuge. Kaufen. 2,34. 372. Sie sind in dieser Wertung nicht aufgeführt
  2. The T-34-85M is a heavily armored version of the standard tier 6 Russian medium tank T-34-85 that is available in the tech tree. This premium tier 6 is great option for those needing a Russian crew trainer since it does have an extra crew member slot for the radio operator that lower tier Russian tanks have..
  3. The T-43 medium tank was a prototype Soviet medium tank developed during the Second World War as a possible replacement for both the T-34 medium and KV-1 heavy tanks. The project's aim was to build a medium tank with heavier armour..
  4. WoT - T-34-85M Leaked Mission List. 7 July 20177 July 2017 ~ atikabubu. Straight from the SEA server so take it with a pinch of salt. These are LAUGHABLY easy. And if you take into consideration that T-34-85M is pretty strong now (sick DPS), I really don`t see why WG would give it away like this
  5. The T-34/85 was rearmed with a modified 85 mm (3.35 in) AA gun, housed in a new turret. It was produced in larger numbers than the first model, until 1947. Design of the T-34-85. Gun The M1939 (52-K) air-defense gun was efficient and well-proven, sporting a 55 caliber barrel
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31 hp/t16 hp/tSurface density. 61 km/h forward9 km/h back54 km/h forward8 km/h backSpeed. Armament. 85 mm D-5T cannonMain weapon. 55 roundsAmmunition. 8.3 / 10.8 sReload. -5° / 28°Vertical guidance. 7.62 mm DT machine gunCoaxial weapon. 1 890 roundsAmmunition The T-34/85M1 is a variant of the Soviet World War 2-era T-34 and was a product of the Polish refurbishing program. Similar to Soviet Model 1960, it added 'skeleton' roadwheel. The T-34/85M1 has somewhat a DDR mirror image in the KPz T-34/85M T-34-85M - Upcoming Soviet Premium Tank. Posted on August 2, 2014 by Silentstalker. Please note that this tank has nothing to do with the post-war T-34/85 modification, often referred to as T-34/85M as well. The history behind this vehicle is relatively simple World of Tanks (WoT) T-34-85M PC Gameplay Replay. T-34-85M Tier 6 Soviet Premium Medium Tank. Sub for more best replays: goo.gl/EmJ59x Donate World of Tanks (WoT) Gameplay mit Mootality - German Wir werfen erneut einen Blick auf den T-34-85M, welcher mit dem Patch stark..

The T-34-85 is a modified T-34 medium tank, equipped with a better driving unit, a bigger and better armored turret and, of course, a new cannon: the 85mm D5T-85BM. This change in equipment directly influences the way of fighting on this vehicle - this time you will be conducting fire at short distances Blitz T-34-85 Rudy - read more about T-34-85 Rudy, play free mobile online mmo game for ios and android. This fictional T-34-85 tank, identified as Number 102 of the 1st Tank Brigade of the Polish Army, was featured in the Polish TV series Four Tank-Men and a Dog [Specials] Marathon for T-34-85M. Tank Commanders, Nothing's personal in these battles. We all want our VI T-34-85M ! Alternatively, the T-34-85M can be found in its own bundle with a garage slot. Good luck with your missions! [Premium Shop] Marathon for T-34-85M lv-wot :: Sasniegumi (M)eistars :: CCCP :: T34-85M. --Spēles Mehānika | |--WOT Fun |--Jaunumi |--Viss par un ap PC |--Klana resursi

T-34-85Tier VI Russian Medium Tank T-34/85M HMH Review | WoT Console The T-34/85M HMH is available on WoT Console until February 26th. Is it worth the money? It has some interesting statistics compared to the regular T-34/85 and the other premiums as well WoT Blitz обзор танка Т-34 от Glafi.com - World of Tanks Blitz. Vononobon. 3:33. T-34-85 - czyli Rudy - BITWA - World of tanks. Gihisubopi

29 Comments on T-34-85M Marathon: All Missions. It seem Wargaming Asia decided to share all T-35-85M Missions. It's a very easy marathon to complete WOT SEA seem to be mixing things up. Day 7's mission was get 750 XP from any number of missions, not deal damage to 10 vehicles in randoms WoT T-34-85M images. Home News WarGaming news World of Tanks news. Ecco le immagini ufficiali del premium tier 6 russo T-34-85M

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  1. original: http://modernweapon.ru/images/tanks/T-34-85_2.jpg. original: http://www.shukach.com/sites/default/files/imagecache/node-gallery-display/post_images/14/P9240116.jpg
  2. また、T-34-85Mマラソンでトークンを集めることによっても獲得可能だった。 T-34-85の中間砲と同名だが、単発火力・貫通力などの諸性能は最終砲のD5T-85BMと同等である。 *1 本家の最終砲よりも発射速度・照準時間に優れ、特にDPMは優秀であり、Tier6中戦車ではCromwell..
  3. T-34-85 Model 1969 / T-34-85M - Modernized T-34; new radio sets; new road wheels; improved transmission systems; nightvision for driver; external fuel tank support; anti-ditching device under rear hull. • OT-34-85 - Flame projecting tank variant; bow-mounted machine gun replaced with..

The T-34/85 is a medium tank of Soviet construction, made at the end of World War II as an answer to the new types of German tanks being used. Between 1944 and 1957 about 80,000 such tanks were produced. These machines were in service in the Polish Army until 1986 and in some other places in.. This tank has currently the biggest gun in medium tank range. This makes you also a high priority target on the battlefield. To make sure you don't get hit by bombs, stay in the cover of trees. Incoming bombs will hit a tree instead of your tank

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Markings. T-34/85. Angolan Army. + Actions Stash. Airbrush CAMO-MASK WWII T-34/76 Turret Markings J's Work 1:35 PPA5031 WoT - World of Tanks wer kennt es nicht? 2 Teams, viele Panzer und ein Schlachtfeld. Hier ein weiteres Let's Play auf deutsch. Replay Freitag in World of Tanks, ein Type 59 der einfach eiskalt die Runde runter spielt undein T-34-85M der einfach nur die.

The T-34-85 remained the backbone of the Soviet tank forces until the mid-50s, and also served as a training platform for crews until the 1970s, never being formally The first fight between the T-34-85 and the American M24 tank took place on July 10, 1950 during the Battle of Taejon Although a T-34-85 was still not a match for a Panther, its improved firepower levelled the playing field. The decision to improve on the existing (Later, T-54/55 and T-72 tanks would also be built outside the Soviet Union) In the late 1960s Soviet T-34-85s underwent a modernisation program (T-34-85M) for.. Hledat. WoT SSSR. Síla je v pancíři. T-34-85M. Úvod I was in a game in tier 2-3 german tanks. Long story short I died 3 times to T-34's one shotting me. I have seen alot of people complaining about russia needing to be nerfed. I have had little experience playing russia yet. Is this just badluck or is the T-34 over powered Blitz T-34-85 Victory - read more about T-34-85 Victory, play free mobile online mmo game for ios and android. A total of 21,048 vehicles were produced from 1944 through the end of World War II. The T-34-85 Victory is a holiday version of the traditional T-34-85

Download Т-34-85 С ТОПОВОЙ ПУШКОЙ ОТ Т44 for the game World of Tanks on the official website of WoT The T-34/85 Metal Edition is available in either airsoft BB or infrared models and is RTR out of the box. The 13030/ 13031 tanks feature a Soviet green weathered paint scheme. This T34/85 tank comes with a metal chassis, metal turret, metal hatches, metal gun barrel, metal suspension arms, metal tra

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[РАНДОМ] Аккаунты Wot blitz 7-10лв Zakoupené Premiové tanky = Tiger 131, Obj.252U, AMX 13 57, T28HTC, Centurion 5/1, Škoda T27, Skorpion G, SU-130PM, LT-432, STG, IS-3A, T-34-85M, KV-2(R), Type 64, Thunderbolt VII + nějake další nízké urovně. Osobni hodnocení 7333. Ostrava From recent usage of T-34-85 its just a better T-34-76 with no major differences other than more AoE/Damage against infantry with minor AT buff that is T-34-85 universal mediocrity in the game. For the price similar to Pz-4, his anti-infantry ability is clearly worse, the anti-tank's ability is also not great On Plati.market you can buy an Recruit WOT, 3 days. Batman: Arkham Origins 53. Battle.net 34. Battlefield 1 26. Mafia 85. Magicka 96 sturer emil. t34. threea. welcome. world of tanks. wot. wwrp. АСУ-85

Другое Warspear Online. World Of Tanks (WoT). [8]T34 Independence. [8]AMX Chasseur de chars. [8]ИС-3 Защитник. [6]T-34-85 Победный Play4Stats. Battle efficiency Σ: 1 1976 9 - 1825 5 -. yingzi_2 M44. Wu_20170321 KV-85 2 1. orange14 Type 64. JackSprrow_513 T-34-85M 1 1 【WoT Blitz】これが私の脱Noob道 番外編10 T40 T-34-85【字幕実況】 [実況プレイ動画] ほぼ完成ってタイミングでアプデが時系列的に3.1と思ってご覧くださいorz前→sm29768985次→sm297946..

Профиль WoT 【WoT:M3 Lee】ゆっくり実況でおくる戦車戦Part10 byアラモンド. 不定期更新「World of Tanks」のPart10です! ようやくアメリカルートの鬼門(?) とあるnoobの閉鎖砲塔その34 T1Heavy初戦 T1HT最後の栄光 Т-34-85М. Тяжёлый танк. T29. 1. 100%. 643. 544. 264.34 回鍋了戰車世界 T-34/85果然還是一台好車 八階車的砲彈照樣彈啦~. Wot Funny Moments #7 World of Tanks FAILS & WINS

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Drei Gründe für den RT Deutsch-Newslette [WoT PS4] #164 T34 Black 4200DMG Mバッチ [2018/06/30] WoT Blitz - Фановый ТАНК #1.Чего ВСЕ ждут от Т49 - World of Tanks Blitz (WoTB). Deutsch. English T-34(1776); ИС-3; ИС-5; ИС-6, AMX 50 100; TIGER 2; AMX CDC; КВ-5; Т-44 (не купил ток) I review the T-34/100 and TVP VTU, the tier 7 and 8 Czechoslovakian medium tanks in World of Tanks (WoT), with replays of tier 8 Overlord and Tier 9 Live Oaks World of Tanks (WoT) Gameplay mit Mootality - German Wir werfen einen kleinen Blick auf den T-34-100

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English français / French Español / Spanish 中文 / Chinese العربية / Arabic Deutsch / German Dansk / Danish Dutch / Nederlands Italiano / Italian עברית / Hebrew Português / Portuguese Россия / Russian Česká / Czech 日本語 / Japanese Türkçe / Turkish Norge / Norwegian POLSKA / Polish Sverige.. TankistB T34-85 9

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