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Take me. To a. Useless. Website. →. PLEASE Useless weird websites... HERE. Boredom is a silent killer and you should kick it out of your life. This page is THE alternative to the famous The Useless Web , and boasts a huge collection of pointless, weird and sometimes totally scary websites


  1. Useless. Website. GO. OR. Send Me Useless Websites Weekly! Another site by Mat Carpenter and Dan Walker
  2. There are countless sites on the Web that serve some kind of purpose: They serve important information, they try to boost the productivity of a company Push the button Take me to another Useless Website at the top and let us take you to a random useless website. Get 100's of the most..
  3. Welcome to the Useless Website Wiki. Some websites in general are dumb,funny,or just plain useless.Love the stupidity of the human race,or just want a good laugh?Welcome

Link: www.theuselessweb.com Some crazy stuff on here maaaaan. If you suffer from epileptic seizures, do not watch the video The useless web is really amazing as it provides you more and more useless websites. Heeeeeeeey.com is nothing but a useless website which provides you no content. Instead, when you visit this website, it shows only two things on it and that is people singing Heeeeeeeey and Hoooooooo Welcome to our Take Me To A Useless Website list. Here you will get links to 5 pointless search engines, and 15 of the most popular stupid pages Do you want to see some web pages that serve absolutely no purpose? We have links that will take you to a useless website. The first 5 are great..

It is awesomely useless. More useless websites Агент Mail.Ru Браузер Atom ТамТам Все аптеки Юла Delivery Club ICQ Maps.Me

The Useless Web. The Useless Web Button... just press it, and find where it takes you. theuselessweb.com After the useless website, we have the pointless website. The idea is the same, you go to a website and then click a button to bring you to another website. But it will take some maneuvering. Just another in the list of useless websites where you can do something for a minute, and then be gone Find and save take me to a useless website Memes | from Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter & More. TAKE ME TO ANOTHER USELESS WEBSITE PLEASE PHOTO: USELESSWEB DIDYOUKNOWBLOG.cOM Effective time waster ⏰ websites funny interesting wastingtime..

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  1. Research and publish the best content. Take me to a useless website. 4.7K views | +1 today. ❓ ismycomputeron.com is a useless website you can find with the useless web button on Another Useless Website, the most pointless websites
  2. Totally. Useless Websites. ™. Enjoy the most pointless and useless websites on the internet. Upvote your favorites! Bury Me With My Money www.burymewithmymoney.com
  3. The web is full of useless websites.. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. See actions taken by the people who manage and post content
  4. Following useless websites can help you waste your time to kill boredom and let you enjoy in a different manner. We've created a fun list of some pointless or useless websites that will leave you with pain in stomach. Take me to a useless website says
  5. (Web App, Funny, and Tech) Read the opinion of 29 influencers. Discover 3 alternatives like Comic Shuffle and Random Peek. Welcome to The Useless Web, a curated collection of some of the world's most pointless websites
  6. Also known as extremely useless sites, random sites, useless websites, pointless websites, time wasters, pointless pages, pointlessness and pointless webpages... Please VOTE - Just Click :o) - Vote for as many as you like... (vote every day:o)). Use A to Z list or the search box
  7. The Useless Website takes you to Useless Websites. A great selection of weird, pointless, random websites to visit when bored. Push the button Take me to another Useless Website at the top and let us take you to a random useless website. Get 100's of the most interesting websites to kill your..

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The Useless Web *** TAKE ME TO A USELESS WEBSITE, PLEASE! Useless weird websites... HERE. Boredom is a silent ***er and you should kick it out of your life Here is a site that is useless. We hope it makes you chuckle or laugh right out loud. Keep clicking Please to see another useless website. It is something we never take for granted. From everyone at Millennium Group, we wish you a joyful Christmas and look forward to a successful and prosperous.. Explore the most useless and pointless websites at random. Best Useless Websites. Explore at random. Ready when you are Subscribe to our daily newsletter! The Useless Website. Tweet. The Useless Website Click on it and it will take you to a useless website =)

Useful Websites. Take me to a useless Website - The Useless Web.com (Random Harshness). Wilson Dorr. I WAS NOT PREPARED : Take Me To A Useless Website (Funny Moments). Emmitt Nailse. 0:57. Random Act Of Kindness: He Gave Her N30,000 to take care of her Baby And Promised to Give Her Another N100,000 to Pay her Rent Take me to another useless website please. The useless web is a single button, which opens new links to an array of strange and odd websites. Its live here. Contributions. Feel free to open a pull request adding your website or removing something thats down Yeah, The Useless Web is a useless website to find more useless websites. As illustrated above, The Useless Web features a ridiculously minimal user interface. The only thing that it has are the big words saying, Take Me To Another Useless Website, Please

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  1. Take me. To a. Useless. Website. →. PLEASE
  2. The Useless Web is a Web portal created by Tim Holman, an Australian Web developer currently working at Qwiki in New York, U.S.A. He describes The Useless Web consists of nothing more than a banner with the legend Take Me To A Useless Website Please. Clicking on Please will transport..
  3. imalistic approach by keeping it as bland and as colorless..
  4. g to the next level. 1. Can't not Tweet This - Useless Website. Bury Me With My Money - When you open this website then you hear this sound Bury Me with My Money with small men animation

Also see Pointless Sites - Tile Puzzles - Tell a friend. More Pointless! Show me a One of the useless website on the internet that you need to visit. Shake the Worm: Shake the worm and make it angry. It will follow your cursor. Koalastothemax: Create smaller circles that will reveal something at the end. When you don't have anything to do type Take Me To A Useless Website.. Web stats for Theuselesswebindex - theuselesswebindex.com. We have the largest index of useless websites. So let us show you the most useless websites of the world. Get a random website each click

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TAKE ME TO A USELESS WEBSITE Что это Reports Sub Category. All Reports Sub Category Agriculture Automation beverage manufacturing & packaging Beverages Clothing & accessories Computing & Technology Construction Consumer Electronics Diseases & treatment Ecommerce Electrical Fintech Food Food and Beverage Packaging.. 'The Useless Web' is a carefully curated collection of hundreds of the most pointless websites that lie all over the internet. If you're one of those, who is just fooling around and looking for places to literally 'kill time', you've got to check this out. 'The Useless Web' is a carefully curated collection of hundreds.. Yes, useless sites! How do you even define a useless website? If you can describe what a website is about, would it still be a pointless website? There you go, these are the most useless websites of the year. You can share these weird websites with friends and if you think useless or weird is easy.. The Useless Web is a website that will randomly take you to completely useless websites, websites that you visit just for fun. Need a break? Don't feel like getting work done? Escape to a mindless world where you don't have to exercise your brain cells too much

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  1. A simple plain web page. And it exists there on the web playground competing for the most useless website on earth. Yes it exists and is ready to check your patience to an insane level. The weirdest way in which one can preach. Download More RAM. Yes There is a website for that and innocent..
  2. sonraki. take me to a useless website
  3. The Useless Web. This is the first site I got when I clicked the button. I have no idea what any of the others are like, but this one amused me for a while: Eel slap! EDIT: Oh God.. this one is depressing and trippy: http://www.fallingfalling.com/
  4. utes. It comes with a very..

The Useless Web was an example of early web humor. It was a list of links to web pages the writers deemed egregiously useless, with humorous descriptions. In time it grew to a directory with links archived by category. It helped disseminate many early minor internet memes and phenomenon Welcome to The Useless Web! Take a journey with me as we discover all the useless websites we never knew existed! http The Useless Website is today's Fan Choice Friday video! It's not really a game, but it really is quite hilarious! Careful with the flashy-flashy! ➡ ROBLOX VIDEO A subreddit for sharing completely and utterly useless websites you find on the internet. - A site containing only evaluations of various peach juices spread around the world on a scale of 0 to 5 (whatsthatpeachjuice.home.blog) Useless Web for people spending too much time on the internet. Plus some give or take more or less skills. An awesome site (of which gave me the idea of a trolling based context site), contains 1 javascript which after each click gets you to a. The Useless Web because some websites, we just couldn't do without Useless websites for time-wasting are exactly the kind of pointless thing you need to make procrastinating even easier. If you're the king or queen of procrastination and are on the hunt for some useless websites (that are equally pointless, random and funny) to distract you from the stuff..

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  1. Author of the Video: EntoanThePack • Download and Play • Take Me To A Useless Website (The Useless Web) • Video Games Online
  2. Useless Facts, Amazing Facts, Random Facts, Trivia, & News - Candy For The Brain
  3. Take our quiz to reveal your 2020 adventure - based on your New Year's resolutions. How do I... by David Schueller. Moving to Paris from Lebanon showed me my full potential. Real Talk. by Jaye Hannah
  4. Top 10 useless websites. PewDiePie 11.276.843 views4 year ago. 12:13. Take Me to a Useless Website... Please? Mr.Orange 137 views2 year ago. 12:06. Take Me To Another USELESS WEBSITE, Please? with Sidearms and Deluxe 4
  5. The largest online collection of random, funny, interesting yet useless facts

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Me: gets more depressed because I never do anything. somedays, i will be gentle. i will take you to museums and coffee shops and the world will feel bright and whole. i will make eggs and toast and dance in the kitchen with you. i will tell you about my favorite memories and you will think this is, this is.. Me Too button - 'Me Too' helps us track how many players are also experiencing that issue. Maybe it's just SBMM taking a protective measure, by creating a separate lobby with all the players on the server that have recently done an insane amount of kills and got reported or have low levels Take me to a useless Web [ Gaming ] So Useless. ProjectJamesify 1.014 lượt xem4 năm trước. 6:11. Take Me To A Useless Website (The Useless Web) I was driving to work the other day and radio 1's ten minute take over (first 3 people to call in can pick the tunes) and I correctly predicted that they'd play I've had what you could call premonitions many times over the years, but this one struck me as particularly useless! I'm now stuck in a waiting room.. New research reveals how taking and giving perspectives can help us to bridge our differences. Of course, Black Like Me could never supplant the voices of African Americans themselves. That doesn't mean that empathy is useless. It can help us grow closer to people, especially our loved ones

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Sometimes the dumbest things really stick with youfor me the phrase The Bart The that Sideshow Bob claims to have gotten tattooed on his chest in 'The Simpsons' has always served as my passwords, even fifteen years later. . Please don't steal my Netflix account Part of what I've spent three years working on is a new language we can use to think and talk about our societies and the people inside of themfull of new terms and metaphors and, of course, lots and lots of badly drawn pictures. It all amounts to a new lens. Looking through this lens out at the world, and..

Otherwise, why would he let me manage the company for a year?! He was giving you a chance to show your ability to him, but all he saw was your wild ambition. If you're still expecting that Lin Zhan will save you, you should give up on that useless hope right now He then took out a folder from his bag and said, These are the papers of Si biotechs. You know how hard your mom and I had worked to build up this huge empire. I don't want to sell the company or give it to an outsider because this company actually belongs to your mother Huber was supposed to be investigating leaks and a bunch of other things. He stopped his investigation because of Horowitz so he's a useless appendage who's done nothing. In fact, he's supposed to be investigating Uranium One and yet he never contacted our law firm and we represent the key.. how did we end up with so many useless and toxic middle management everywhere? Since its pervasive, I suspect there is a common process on how these monstrosity grows..

In dictatorial fashion, Trump declared that Iran must abandon its nuclear ambitions, and then went on to lie that Iran was bribed into signing the Death Takes a Holiday JCPOA treaty (never does any western politician note that there is a difference between civilian nuclear technology and nuclear.. This useless website is partially useful or at least for me. It generates random Twitter bios. Amusing? So which website is your favorite? Do you know of any useless website I missed? Please take time to comment Listen online to Kym Mazelle - Useless (I Don't Need You Now) and find out more about its history, critical reception, and meaning Google has recently announced a new update for Chrome 80 that would technically end the struggle with notification spam that we often have to deal with when browsing the web

Either on their own are, to me, useless. Some people love extremes but I like a good balanced EQ. What you then want is your power amp to take that signal and project it clearly through your speakers. But if you've got power amp distortion, you've now got the same thing that's happened in your.. Kiss Me It's Christmas Anna Maria Ferentz by Dean Holtermann. Looks like the LSD has taken hold! The Tortured Artist. Very Harry Chapin and Jim Croce. The best was the guy throwing you out of the store. Useless Music8 років тому. this guys nuts I took my time in doing so, hoping to give the impression that I may be floating to try and take the hand away either on the turn or river. I could taste victory, but then she rolled over for trip queens with a better kicker. The river was a useless , and I went bust the very next hand for $2,940 It takes only to read specs of 1st Patriot and compare them with the last version. Even blind can see they can't be the same. US is going to be very vulnerable to an extent not seen before; the MASH TV series is over

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The metropolis's already congested site visitors got here to a halt notably throughout rush hours as storms and extreme rainfall battered the town. Some underpasses had been flooded and authorities reported that winds ripped aside the roofs of 108 buildings within the metropolis and led to the.. It's not new, it's not clever, but it is a great way to waste time. Welcome to The Useless Web, a curated collection of some of the It's essentially a giant button that you can click to take you to one of many websites, some of which you'll know and love, and others that may be entirely new to you, but all.. Start typing to see results or hit ESC to close 19 replies. Author. Time. Publish. Take Me To Some Useless Website > Please < (Original post). Trailmonkee. November 2012. OP. Well, which was fun Cirque du So-What. November 2012. #1. Clever ! Agracie. November 2012. #2. Wow. Science Geek. November 2012. #3. Here's one

The almighty useless web http://bit.ly/Tflu7t #theuselessweb. Not enough time wasted on Internet? Try #TheUselessWeb and blame me later for this discovery :P http://www.theuselessweb.com/ Take me to another useless website (theuselessweb.com). almost 5 years ago from Bob Muller, ✪ Product Designer. Login to Comment Please hold still while we locate your pointer.. A description of tropes appearing in Useless Web. This is a website created by Tim Holman that contains a link to several user submitted multitude of webpages, it's because the only things present in the site's front page is a text in big, fancy letters saying Take me to a useless website [please All you have to do, Take Me to Another Useless Website and press Please button that's it. It will take you a useless website. Just you give up the link below given to you

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But theuselessweb.com page takes a bit of a different approach. Instead of just having one particular page, this website is designed to automatically put you on a By pressing the PLEASE button in the middle just below the TAKE ME TO A USELESS WEBSITE, the websites forwards the user to a.. ? click here to continue to the site Come on a journey to a load of 'useless' websites. Since it's Friday, we recommend that you check out theuselessweb.com, a site that — as the name suggests — will magically take you a random useless website on demand The useless website takes you to Useless Websites. A great selection of weird, pointless, random websites to visit when bored. Alexa, take me to Google.com is met with a puzzled I can't find Does the Echo Show reverting to the home screen after 5 seconds of inactivity make it pretty useless The most Useless Website on Internet. Sometimes when you search for the information and you land to a Useless. Any Website which gets your attention but is not able to provide you the relevant information is a Useless Website. The internet community is building strong now to take actions so..

Completely pointless and useless website at its best. Take a look. The guy is a comedy genius. Well done, but you're site is pretty weird and rather useless. Well simply click on the please button and it'll take you to a weird product available to purchase on ebay or amazon Here are the 10 useless, time-wasting websites we loved the most in 2012. Sometimes you need a little web pick-me-up. When you're not Tumbling, pinning, tweeting, tagging or deciding what filter to add over your brunch photography, sometimes all it takes is a very simple website to make you laugh Define useless. useless synonyms, useless pronunciation, useless translation, English dictionary definition of useless. adj. 1. a. Being or having no beneficial use; ineffective: This pen is useless because it's out of ink. See Synonyms at futile. b. Having no purpose or.. Here's what happened when 12 random people took turns drawing and describing, starting with the prompt Take me to a useless website, please. It's like the Telephone Game, but with drawing. Join the Fun! Take me to a useless website, please. 12 player public game completed on.. It's a common practice to apply CSS to a page that styles elements such that they are consistent across all browsers. We offer two of the most popular You can apply CSS to your Pen from any stylesheet on the web. Just put a URL to it here and we'll apply it, in the order you have them, before the CSS in..

Free take me to a useless website for Android. 6 take me to a useless website products found Take me to another useless websıte. Bir 'Please' tuşuna basarak internetin en saçma sitelerini gezebilirsiniz. Not: Yaprağında böyle sitelere benzeyen siteleri açan bir site ile alakalı konu açmıştı onu bulamadım atarsanız.. Which website is more useless, than the site that redirects you to other useless websites? It sounds like a riddle, and the answer is none. Therefore, the first prize goes to The Useless Web, a simple website that has only one purpose: To take you to a random useless website

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Actually, there are many useless webs which is not understandable exist lol! (´゚д゚`)surprisingly funny! This time, introducing the world's most meaningless webs, Take me to another useless website ! The useless site which just shows Frankfurt rain! and divine mang Speed Draw by USELESS. Шапка USELESS январь 2019. Ignoring speed limit since 1999 watch me die in car crash. instagram: useless_art_machine. Показать полность This useless website might have some potential use in estimating the strength of your password but there is a good chance it will hurt your feelings This is the perfect website to help you study for your third grade science class. In case you ever forget what the primary colours are, let me tell you that..

We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website The Useless Web is the work of developer Tim Holman, who has curated a nice list of useless websites. Some of these sites will no doubt be familiar to veteran time wasters, but there were quite a few I'd never seen before, including my new favorite republiquedesmangues.fr - hypnotic those.. Turn your phone into the Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver with the only Official Doctor Who: Sonic Screwdriver app for iPhone and Android Wrong, motherfucker. Let me describe your perfect-ass website It has content on the fucking screen. Your site has three bylines and link to your dribbble account, but you spread it over 7 full screens and make me click some bobbing button to show me how cool the jQuery ScrollTo plugin is

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